Energy Efficient AC Unit Cuts Costs, Boosts Convenience

The expense of keeping cool is on the increase, so having an Energy Efficient AC unit is a big help to the budget. Energy costs, at historic levels last year, continue to climb up as worldwide demand for energy increases and the country recuperates from hurricane-related disruptions to domestic oil and natural gas production.

Heating, air-conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) manufacturers are responding to the obstacles of increased energy costs by providing house owners Energy Efficient AC Units that provide new energy performance requirements and minimize your energy use. For example, the Ruud Ultra Series™ High Efficiency model, for example, has a SEER of 18.00, among the highest available. It’s significantly higher than today’s standard models, many of which carry SEER’s of at least 13.

The high SEER models are usually more expensive at the onset, but usually make up the difference by reducing the amount spent on your home energy bills over the years.

How can I make sure to get a Unit that is the right size for my home or office?

Clearly, any air conditioning system that’s too small will not be able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home or office. But what many people don’t understand is that too large of a system system will cycle (turn off and on) much more than is necessary. This wastes valuable energy and can sometimes put excessive stress on the compressor, which can cause early failure.

By using a competent, licensed contractor, you can avoid that problem because the first thing he will do is to calculate the best sized unit for your home or office by carefully evaluating your cooling needs. Things that are taken into consideration include the following:

  • Floor space.
  • Amount of installed Insulation.
  • Window sizes and exposure to the sun.
  • The direction your home faces.
  • The local climate.
  • Appliances that generate heat.
  • How much of your home’s exterior is shaded by trees.


Using all this information, he’ll calculate the cooling capacity of the system needed in either refrigeration tons or Btu/h so that your home or office will utilize the most efficient and cost effective unit possible.

Call today to find out about upgrading your AC System to an Energy Efficient AC Unit.